Simple and stylish.
Harmonious colour schemes and classically beautiful material choices such as rose, clove, eustoma, and seasonally available flowers, such as hydrangea, dahlia, and peony.


Playful colours and materials as well as sculptural shapes.
The materials are something out of the ordinary, such as coloured palm leaves, tropical flowers, or surprising colour combinations.

English Garden

The sprawling and relaxed atmosphere of an English garden.
In addition to the classic materials of clove, eustoma, rose, etc., accompanied by seasonal meadow-like elements.

The bundles are tailored to suit occasions of approximately 100 people.
The price includes delivery, rental of dishes, and pick-up. VAT: 0%
Order no later than 10 days in advance. Reclamations within 1 day.
Invoicing after the event (term of payment 14 days)
We charge broken/lost vases according to the RRP.


Floranna - Plain
  • Flower arrangement / bouquet on a serving table
  • Flowers for tables in small vases (1 vase/ 4 people)
530 €
Floranna - Basic
  • Flower arrangement / bouquet on a serving table
  • Flower arrangements for tables (1 arrangement / 6 people)
  • Impressive arrangement for the venue
1380 €
Floranna - Luxury
  • Impressive arrangements or a comprehensive styling of the serving table
  • Impressive arrangement / installation for the venue
  • Florist on site to arrange
2730 €

Venue decorations

Real WOW effects!
We also carry out flower clouds hanging from the ceiling and spectacular flower installations designed and built on site.
Elements made of beautifully drying materials remain beautiful even for occasions that last a longer time.

Flower cloud: from 400€
Flowered photo frame: from 200€
Flower wall (2 x 2m): from 1500€
Flowered column elements: from 800€

Call or email us and tell us what your occasion needs!
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